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Post The Harvest Moon Challenge!
Forgive me if there is already a challenge like this! I searched around and found one for Sims 3, but not for Sims 2, and the other Sims 2 farming challenges are a bit different than this one. I hope I'm not stepping on toes.

One of my all-time favorite games (besides The Sims, of course!) is Harvest Moon. For those of you who have never heard of it, Harvest Moon is a farming sim game. You start the game after inheriting or buying a decrepit farm (the plot varies by each game within the series, but the one constant is that your character somehow comes into possession of a farm that is worn down and out of business). You are given a time limit (usually 4 years) to get the farm cleaned up, running, and successful again. In between the day to day chores, you must also make friends with the villagers, find and court a potential spouse (before your romantic rival does!) and get married and have kids.

I've been trying to implement this same sort of gameplay into the sims and I must say--it makes for an interesting, challenging time! The rules are this:

You are a city-sim who has grown weary of the fast life. While reading the paper you find an advertisement for a farm for sale, going for cheap! You're such an impulsive buyer (you already own 3 bullet blenders and a home total gym), that you jump at the chance!

You quit your job and use all your savings to buy the farm and move to the country, only to find that the 'farm' is little more than a desolate piece of land with a shack on it. But no matter! When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.* You roll up the sleeves of your fashionable-yet-practical shirt and get to work. Unfortunately, there's a catch. The neighbors have tired of looking at this eyesore and have decided to flatten the entire thing and turn it into a parking lot. You're given a time limit of 3 years to get this farm fixed up, attractive, and profitable again or you're going to be homeless and this piece of mother nature will become just another slab of concrete.

Seasons is required, OFB makes it even more immersive, but is not necessary.

1.) Create a sim in CAS. It can be male or female, but it MUST be adult or older. No siblings, roommates, or children! You must do this on your own! ONE cat or dog is OK for now (you can get more later if you are willing to pay for them or if you adopt a stray) but not required.

2.) Place the sim on an empty lot of the largest size (EDIT: it slipped my mind that the largest lot is over 18k, making this a very difficult start! Instead, you can buy a 5x5 lot.) . NO money cheats, you must use your initial 20k to build and decorate your house. Remember that these funds will also go to starting your farm, so make sure to leave some money to get your crops started!

3.) NO cheats, hacks, or reward objects that increase, change, or modify your motives or give free money . If you have Freetime, you MAY use the aspiration benefits, however. Money trees are ok since they actually require upkeep (counterfeit money making machine is a no-no). You may also not use any hacks that alter your sims temperature (no overheating/no freezing) or the weather (no hail/rain/snow). Part of farming is dealing with the elements, so these setbacks MUST stay in your game!

4.) You cannot farm in winter without a greenhouse, so make sure to plan your harvest appropriately to ensure that you have enough food and money to survive those cold months! Your farm MUST experience all four seasons, too. No altering the seasons to get a full year of Spring!

5.) Your sim must live off the land! No Chinese, no pizza, and once you run out of groceries, you CANNOT HAVE MORE DELIVERED. So make sure to get those crops started ASAP and make sure to set some aside to live off of during the winter! If you use the "no free food with fridge" mod by dickhurt, then you can make 1 order of groceries when you first move in. After that, no more deliveries.

6.) Your sim can only make money on their lot. This means NO jobs and NO earning money on community lots. Money trees, painting, fishing, and writing are all acceptable forms of earning money. If you have OFB you may start a home business but you can ONLY sell what you have made, farmed, or fished up on your lot. If you start a home business, you may not use any cash perks until after the game is over and the points have been tallied.

7.) No servos or Bigfoots (Bigfeets?) allowed!

Using these rules, you have 3 years (3 complete cycles of all 4 seasons) to get your sims farm as prosperous as possible. You CAN (and should) use the Elixir of Life, because your sim will not survive the entire challenge without it! This challenge is more focused on the farm and time constraints of the seasons, not so much about generations, growing old, or legacies. If you prefer to follow a legacy-style gameplay, that's ok, too If your sim dies, then the spouse or one of the children may take over the farm. If your sim has no kin, game over.

Scoring is as follows:

1.) 10 points for every 10,000 simoleans your farm is worth (a farm with a net worth of 70k would earn 70 points)
2.) 50 points if your farmer sim is in a happy marriage or union at the end of the three years (LTR 90 or higher)
3.) 10 points for every child your farmer sim has with a happy relationship (LTR 90 or higher). Generations are cumulative, so if your sim dies and their child takes over, you get points for the children of your original sim and then any children of the next farmer sim.
4.) 5 points for every friend your farmer sim has. Only friends of your starter sim count. Family friends brought in from spouses or children do not count towards point total. Friends may be made via wishing well.
5.) 20 points for each functional building on your farm (farmhouse, barn, greenhouse, market, tool shed, etc). Functional being the key word!
6.) 5 points for every pet living on your farm with a happy relationship
7.) 2 points for every puppy or kitten born on your farm. They do not have to still be living on your farm to get points. Points are cumulative, so pets still living on your farm get points for being born on the farm and for living there happily at the end of the time frame (Example: a puppy born on the farm and then sold to a townie would earn 2 points. A puppy that was born on the farm and then kept happily would be worth 7. A puppy that was born on the farm and then kept, but with a low relationship score would only be worth 2)
8a.) 1 point for every level of business. 10 points if you have a level 10 home business.
8b.) An additional 10 points if you managed a level 10 home business without ever hiring another sim (help from family members is ok!).

Point deductions:

1.) -50 points if your starter sim dies for any reason other than old age (should you choose to not use Elixir). Another -25 if the sim that takes over also dies.
2.) -20 points for every sim death on the lot other than old age (pets dying of old age also do not get penalized).
3.) -10 for each visit by the repo man
4.) -15 for each child taken by a social worker, or each pet taken by the police.

I think I've covered everything! If you have any questions please ask and make sure to post pics of your farms as you go! I love to follow other simmer's games!

*Don't make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these!?