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I want to translate this tutorial into Dutch but I can't figure out why the global layer of my only has 15 numbers. I tried several things, with different maps, different names, clean CAW folder in documents, even reinstalled CAW in the standard location (did not help so I installed it back in C:\Games). But nothing. I want to replace the global layer of a world made with the Sunset Valley map. So I used large flat map 300. I have no idea what's going on. Any idea's?

Ok, so I tried several things to get a global layer with 16 numbers, like a clean CAW folder and The Sims 3 folder in My documents which didn't work. So I finally decided to re-install everything (maybe there was something wrong in my installation folders). I just had to figure out what the problem was, if there was a problem (I'am not sure about that). I thought if I re-installed everything, there can not be a mistake with the basics. Removed al my sims games + caw with revo uninstaller, run ccleaner and glary utilities, checked the register to be sure and reboot the pc. To make a long story a little bit shorter: it did not change a thing, even when I installed The Sims 3 in the standard install location (so I put it back at C:\Games). My global layers still have 15 numbers, even the Riverview world (so maybe it's normal?), but not the Sunset world, this has 16 numbers. I asked somebody to make me a test world because she gets 16 numbers. I followed the instructions to the letter with her test world. But when I had replaced the global layer, and linked the right number with the Hex Editor in S3PE, the original world wouldn't open in CAW. So ... I made my own with 15 numbers in the global layer and replaced the global layer of the original world with it. Then I opened my in S3PE, looked for UNKN 0x0498DA7E and opened it with the Hex Editor. The Hex Editor always gives 16 numbers so I copied this number and this number I linked to the global layer of the original world with the Hex Editor in S3PE. It worked!

But I have no idea if this is a good idea to do it like this. Somebody?
For the purpose of translating the tutorial it will do, for now. I will make a note with it describing my own experience.

Before I tried above, I also tried it with the height map of Sunset Valley that Simsample has made available because the original world is made with this map. But of course when I saved this as it also gave 15 numbers in the global layer. I tried to replace this number with the 16 numbers of the that somebody else gave me with the Hex Editor in S3PE and then use the global layer of my (sunset valley) But it didn't work.

Hopefully somebody can benefit from my experience, since I couldn't find any information about global layers with 15 numbers (only Simsample saying this has to be 16 numbers).

I think there is a little "mistake" in the tutorial: "and if you open your world in S3PE you will see that the global layer is clean". I think this has to be CAW (that's what I wrote in "my" tutorial). But then again, maybe people who are experienced with S3PE (not me) are able to see this in S3PE as well.

This is the Dutch tutorial: De globale laag schoonmaken