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Default Pregnant and fat morphs tutorial
I PM'ed CatOfEvilGenius about this.

Anyways, I have tried all the tutorials I could find and some of them don't help me at all and the others, I do the steps but it never works out when I get to milkshape. I cant seem to get a .5gd it always ends up being a .5gn (?). I probably did something wrong, but I am tired of having to start over becuase of it. Any help is needed and preferably a better and more in-depth tutorial. :D
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You are not being careful enough. A .5gn is a GMND file. The directions are explicit, you need to follow them carefully and TO THE LETTER.

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Can you direct me to a good tutorial? I would greatly appreciate it. The ones here gave me a headache, as I didn't understand it one bit.
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There's nothing terribly complicated about fat and pregnant morphs. You basically have two options:

1) For small edits, edit the fat and pregnant morph exactly the same as the normal morph as you go along. Don't change morph names or comments, export when done.

2) For larger edits, edit only the normal morph at first and ignore the fat and pregnant morphs. When you're done with the normal morph and it looks as you like, duplicate it - once for fat, twice for pregnant. Hide everything but fat or pregnant, and reshape it to look fat or pregnant. Rename the morphs to match the original fat/pregnant morphs, and make sure their comments match too. Delete the original morphs, leaving only your edited ones and the normal body, then export when done.

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I understand that but I don't know how to get to those steps without screwing something up. I can't get to milkshape, as I didn't do something right in bodyshop. I am trying to recolor a maxis outfit, but I want them to have pregnant and fat morphs. I recolor them and everything, get them ready before trying to add the morphs. After they are ready, I get completely lost and can't seem to do it right, AT ALL.
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You are right to post in this forum, this is where meshing questions are supposed to go, not in PM's to creators.

What wes_h was trying to point you at is that you need to export the GMDC, not the GMND. The mesh tutorials specifically say GMDC.

If you are modifying a Maxis mesh, it should already have a fat morph.
To add a pregnant morph to a mesh that does not have one, follow these steps.

* In the groups tab, select the regular mesh group.
* Press CTRL-D to duplicate it.
* Unselect the regular group, select the duplicate.
* Rename the duplicate, give it a morph name.
Let's say you already have a fat morph for a top.
Then you'll see these groups.


Change Duplicate to ~00MORPHMOD.2
Now you have


* Change the Comment of your pregnant morph.
This is what it should be for a top.

MorphNames: topmorphs pregtop

If your mesh is a bottom or a body mesh, change the comment as appropriate for a bottom or a body. Look at the fat morph comment, copy it, change "fat" to "preg".

* Adjust the shape of your preg morph. Obviously, you need to give it a belly.
If it's a top or a bottom, decide what other separates you want it to match.
HP made maternity separates, so did the_mystical_one. They used different shapes.
You can match one or the other, but not both.

* Export your mesh.

You'll need a hack in your game, such as squinge's "pregnant sims wear any clothing" to let pregnant sims wear the clothes you made.

If your mesh has NO morphs at all, there are a few extra steps. You'll need to create a fat morph. Here's how you add a fat morph.

* Duplicate your main mesh group.
* Give the fat morph a morph name, such as ~00MORPHMOD.1
* Change the shape of the fat morph.
If it is a separate top or bottom, make sure the vertices at the waist match up with a Maxis bottom or top, as appropriate. Use wes_h's vertex data merge tool for this.
* Give the fat morph a fat comment, such as:

MorphNames: topmorphs fattop

If your mesh is a top, use that, if it's a bottom or body, change as appropriate.

* Change the comment for the main mesh group.
Add this line to the end:

MorphRefNum: 0

The number 0 in this case matches the number of your morph:

So if your mesh had two groups, they would each have their own morphs.
For example, a top with two groups, fat morph and preg morphs would look like this:

~00MORPHMOD.1 <-- fat morph for top
~00MORPHMOD.2 <-- preg morph for top
~01MORPHMOD.1 <-- fat morph for top2
~01MORPHMOD.2 <-- preg morph for top2

The comment for "top" would have this at the end:

MorphRefNum: 0

The comment for "top2" would have this at the end:

MorphRefNum: 1


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