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Default manly hair
Manly hair for AF & TF; short, no cutsy stuff (ribbons, lots of curls). For my military women, Cerci types (Circe?), and yes, butch.

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Recently i found this body hair overlay by FracturedMoonlight:
I would argue that having body hair is not in itself "manly" though (unless you are actually looking for hair patterns that would be considered more male-like?)
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I think Grammapat is looking for hairstyles, not body hair. It sounds like she's looking for hairs appropriate for military personnel.
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Originally Posted by RoxEllen1965
I think Grammapat is looking for hairstyles, not body hair.

No idea why I immediately thought about body hair, the ribbon part should have rung a bell

I've also been on the hunt for short and butch(-ish) hairstyles lately, here are some that I found:
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Thanks; mushroomies is radical! And I did find some others.

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I was wondering why I couldn't find the "high elf" one in game and it's actually categorized as male, didn't read the post properly... sorry for the mistake
Now I wish I knew how to make gender conversions of hair
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How about Kijiko's Ocicat? it's for both genders.

You'd probably also like Lapiz Lazuli's hairs converted for females. I can't directly link to the search for them since the url contains [ & ] marks but go to allthehairs, set creator to Lapiz Lazuli and tick the female hair box.
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