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#26 Old 20th Jul 2020 at 3:40 PM
So I placed four different graveyards so my playable Sims may buy them - whenever any of them can afford it, and it's not gonna be right away.
I also created a new Sim (second from the right in this picture), Amancio Grano de Oro, just for the purpose of buying a house (this one) and moving all the senior townies (friends of my playable Sims, otherwise I don't care for they don't matter story-wise) so they can age properly.
There is three of them and there will be more in the future, but I don't plan to take pictures because this is what I consider a "semi-playable" household.

So let's talk about the playable ones.
More bills arrived at the door of the Rojas family, and the previous ones are still unpaid...

Paula's grades are improving, but after work she asked her mom for help with her homework anyway.
In the meantime Domingo phones pretty much everyone (30 best friends? I'd say it's impossible in such an small hood, but he can try indeed!)

And a dinner picture, for the sake of the whole family socializing.

Isabel Blanco started her day repairing the tub - hiring a repairman is an extra expense and bills are arriving.

Both kids are doing great at school and also are friends with other children.

Joaquín had the most extraordinary day at job.
First he got a large bonus (chance card reward) and then he got promoted (which adds another bonus!).

With all this money they paid their bills and cancelled their loan!
Yeah, at this point they are probably the wealthiest family of all four.

Grocery shopping at the Rubio's house.

Mila grew up, she's a child now. I gave her a makeover because I am bored of all kids having the same hairdo.

Also her parents run out of days off, so it's time to hire a nanny to take care of her while they are at work.

Loads of pictures for the Pardos, as usual.
They woke up early and they did some of their homework in the morning. (Not a great student trait, mind you.)

Bills. They are affordable so the had o problem to pay them right away.

The kids went to school, they are doing well.

So Carlota, now a teen, decided it's time to get a job.
She accepted a position as Playground Monitor (same job as her father!).

But she was fired on the very first day

Fired? FIRE !!!
That's what happened when Francisco tried to cook some dinner.

Well, that's a bit of bad events, but at least they can pay most of their loan now.
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#27 Old 22nd Jul 2020 at 5:56 PM
I know I said I wan't taking pictures of the retirement home, but I don't see aspiration failure animations that often
(CAS Sims always have a hard time at first though.)

The Rojas family keeps doing great. Paula's grades are up.

Domingo got a promotion (which apparently allows him to pickup his wife at work in the team's bus) and the bonus was large enough to pay all the bills.
Just in time! They had already received a notice...

And apparently it's gonna get better, because someone knows someone who could get him another promotion right away!

Isabel Blanco and her husband Joaquín ran out of PTO, so they have to go back to working full time.
So they hired a nanny to take care of their kids whenever they were at work.

But, of course, when they are at home they are the usual loving parents and pay attention to things such as homework getting done.

Daniel Rubio's wife and daughter dancing happily early in the morning - mom loves to dance, and Mila enjoys spending time with mom.

Bills arrived, and the loan takes its toll on the Rubio family.

School time was great for the youngest children of the Pardo family, apparently Carlota is not doing so well...

The great news is that Prof. Lidia got promoted - and the bonus was huge!

Fernando went out on a date with Paula Rojas again.
Carlota also wants to find love - and she flirted with paperboy Manuel Domínguez, only other teenager she actually knows.

Francisco spent a while repairing the computer.
They needed it working to pay the rest of their loan!

And as Fernando grew up his father paid all their debts.
Fernando will look for another place to live - which means I'll be setting a downtown with some affordable apartments.

While they all were aslept, a burglar broke into their house - surely had heard of Lidia's yummy extra money.
The only thing she stole was the TV and, as all their furniture, it was a cheap old thing. But, hey, it was their cheap old thing!
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#28 Old 22nd Jul 2020 at 7:48 PM
Just because there are going to be changes in the families structure (because Fernando will leave the nest) I thought it was neat posting the family thumbnails.
It's nice to keep track of how the families evolve!
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#29 Old 24th Jul 2020 at 3:44 PM
The Rojas family keeps doing great. Domingo got another promotion, as expected

And Paula is about to go to college.
I've decided that each student will take §2k with them, not as a fee but as some pocket money to get them started. This amount might be higher in the future, but it's all hard enough as it is right now

Last breakfast for Isabel Blanco with her little green beans. Next time she sees them (for she'll be at work when they return from school) they'll be teenagers.

The first one to grow up was Ezequiel. He is a Knowledge Sim who is also interested in having a lot of fun (Pleasure).
Actually he tried to ask Carlota Pardo out on a date (they are good friends) but she rejected him

Then was the turn for Zacarías, who is a Family Sim. Is it possible that I might have many aliens in this hood after all?

When Isabel returned home, she helped Ezequiel with his homework. Considering he's a Knowledge Sim he should not be so reckless!

Daniel Rubio loves nature, apparently he loves it as much as it's humanly possible.

His wife Isabel Gimeno grew up, and she's now a super sexy elder.

They managed to pay their bills, let's see how they handle the rest of their loan...

Big news at the Pardo family: Fernando has left the household and will be renting an apartment on his own.
So the only pictures I took in the family household were of Carlota:
First she got a job. This time she's gonna try luck in the Culinary career. Hopefully she'll do better than next time.

And then,,, first kiss!
She must really like this guy, so it makes sense she had rejected Ezequiel earlier.

So I finally installed a custom downtown and placed a few apartment buildings in there.
Fernando rented the best one he could afford - yep, he's run out of money just paying the rent of his 1-bedroom apartment - so let's hope he does well enough in his job to keep paying the rent every week.

He brought a colleage from work, but she happened to be the burglar who robbed in his parents house!
I saw fit that he would fight her and not try to socialize with her. I ought to change her career though.
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#30 Old 30th Jul 2020 at 7:33 PM
The rotation began with Paula Rojas moving into a house near her college.
If she lived in a dorm she'd meet more people, but here she'll have more privacy - and managed to socialize anyway.

She's working hard so I'm sure she's gonna do great in this first semester.

At home, her family keeps doing great. First Sonia sold one novel.

And afterwards she got promoted TWICE!

Zacarías and Ezequiel Blanco both got jobs, in different careers: Zacarías chose Education, while Ezequiel chose Science.

Ezequiel is also interested in Carlota Pardo, whom had rejected him before, but now accepted his advances and fell in love with him!

Isabel got promoted.

And the family enjoyed a dinner together

Morning at the Rubio's began with a wolf visiting and little Mila trying to become friends with it.

Daniel managed to write a great novel

He built a tiny store house for his cooking machine (an extra expense, but you can't leave such a thing outside the house!) and he was creating candies when he grew up.

Francisco Pardo finally got a promotion!

And Lidia helped the kids with their homework.

Living in downtown, Fernando could meet new people. But he chose to relight the fire with Paula, and he invited her over.

He has loved her for a long time, and now their love has grown into an adult love. That's why he has decided to propose!
She is still in college, but they've decided that when she gradutes she'll move in with Fernando.
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#31 Old 31st Jul 2020 at 3:57 PM
Ok, most of it was normal, but we had a HUGE event, but I'll keep this thread in order and I'll get to it when it's its turn.

Paula Rojas did great in this first semester, and she's gonna spend the extra money hiring a maid - because time is gold when you are at college!

At home things go well, Domingo got promoted again.

And he also grew up - now both Sonia and Domingo are elders.

Sonia also got promoted!

Another birthday at the Blanco's. Joaquín is an elder too.

And Ezequiel's relationship with Carlota is doing great, so they decided to go steady.

Everything was routine at the Rubio's, but they managed to pay a bit more of their loan off which is always a good thing.

A satellite fall from the heaven (and it's the very first time I see one!) right onto poor Leonardo
He was only a child, about to grow up into a teenager, and now he's dead!
OK, as an event this is huge for me. I think it ought to have affected his family way more but they took it in the most stoical manner possible. (I guess none of them had the fear of his dying because he was so young...)

His sister Carlota was not at home, she returned from work (with a promotion) a little later.

And finally Maricarmen did grow up pretty well.
She does not have any hobby, so I was not sure which aspiration give her (in these cases I give them either Fortune or Pleasure) but considering her twin brother was just smashed I thought it would make sense she would prefer a "carpe diem" approach to life - Pleasure it is.

And soon enough she was flirting with Zacarías Blanco. (So now brothers Ezequiel & Zacarías are involved with sisters Carlota & Maricarmen!)

In downtown, Fernando Pardo invited his fiance's parents (Sonia Rojas and Domingo Alonso).
It's a good thing trying to get along with the in-laws from early on, I guess
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