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For some reason when my sim turns into her werewolf from... she also changes into a plumbot o.O
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#529 Old 7th Jul 2020 at 11:51 PM
Jake: Raaaahrghhh!
Daniel: OMG dad, why do you have to be so embarassing when I have friends over?!

Jake: Hey, Tanner. Tanner. Look, Tanner.
Tanner: What?
Jake: I can levitate this burger... WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND!
Tanner: Dad, if I refuse to turn around, will you stop messing around and actually cook dinner?

Zanzibar: "Too much pudding"? I think not. Now put my cake back where you found it, Mrs I-wasn't-actually-invited-to-this-party-and-only-showed-up-to-unblock-the-drains!
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Wasn't too long but I'm now back with my main game. I'm so excited to get to this round done to go back to Moonlight Falls. Though, Monte Vista is such a beautiful place so I decided to put down the Last Venue of Amore lot as ironically I haven't used this lot much at all being the one who gave this idea of a gondola ride to the store team at the time. Pretty cool how they used some of the communities ideas. I didn't explore too much because it started getting late and my Sim, Maria, had to go to work the next day. But this lot is so beautifully crafted that I want to make it a place where she hangs out every now and then.

There is not a way to ask someone to give your Sim a ride unfortunately or so I didn't find it but this venue is still really nice. Maria is the only Sim in the household so I couldn't do it that way but I have an idea. There is a Sim that SimGuruKitty uploaded based on this lot and if I can download him I'll move him into the neighborhood and then use mods to switch active Sims to give Maria a ride.

I like this kitchen.

Nice fishing spot.


Well this turned out nice and unexpectedly he asked Maria to move in with him. Usually I decline when Sims ask that but sure I just went with it though I wish there were a third option to ask how about you move in with me instead.

Rocco loves to play the guitar as that is part of his LTW.

Because I'm Fragile...but I'm not "that" fragile.
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