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Default Help exporting from s3pe to s3asc [newbie]
I'm currently learning to create CC content for the sims 3, wich is my favourite from the franchise. Anyways, I'm following this tutorial (it's attached) and I'm stuck at Part 2, step 5, because that option (Export to s3asc) is not avalaible to me. In Part 1 theres a list of S3PE Helpers wich I did add, but it still doesn't work, maybe I did it wrong?.
Please, can anyone help me on this? Maybe there's a better way to make cc? I really want to create for the sims 3.
I use blender for the meshes.
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Hey there,
If you're using Blender for the meshes you actually need to export to s3m2b and import into Blender with cmomoney's Blender tools. If you read the instructions on the download page for the tools, it goes through how to import/export.
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