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Originally Posted by Zarathustra
Coding for doors (by which I mean having the option to specify whether certain groups would or would not be able to pass through a door... like the bathroom doors do for genders, but more customizable. For instance, I'd love to be able to make vampires unable to enter a church.)

I know you don't like using CC, but Inge has some customizable doors here:

But as for the natural ability to block certain visitors, it would have been great if EA had done it. Otherwise, we're left to our own solutions.

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The conversation about parties in the random thread reminded me that there should be a family phone book for party invitations. When it comes to birthday parties, it doesn't make sense that the game measures the relationship between the host and potential guest instead of the relationship between the invitee and the Sim the party is for. I know you can invite Sims separately later, but it would be easier to use the party dialog. It would also be nice if entire households could throw a party together, so everyone can invite a friend, and everyone could get their want to throw a party fulfilled.
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I use:
1. Simwardrobe - Throw Massive Parties Pets-Seasons: "This fix will increase the number of people that you can invite to parties. Up to 255 sims can be invited to a party, regardless of your system specs." Available here thanks to Bulbizarre. I use it with all EPs and it works okay.
2. Squinge's Always Accept Party Invitations, which does what the name says, and
3. Midgethetree's Throw Party Want All Residents & Party Success/Failure Want All Residents: "With "throw party want all residents", the generic "throw a party" want will be fulfilled for any resident in the active family when a party is thrown. With "party success/failure want all residents", any resident in the active family will get wants/fears for a successful/failed party fulfilled. Residents must be on the lot and awake for either to count, both mods are compatible with each other."

What I don't remember atm is if the sim making the call needs to know everyone you want to invite. I'm having mixed memories about how the party invite works. In any case, there are mods like Phaenoh's phonebook to look up/meet sims so you can call them.

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From Bon Voyage:

I have a cc version of the hammock without supports, that I'm always trying to line up to one tile trees with snapobjectstogrid off. I'd love to see it modded to a three tile footprint.

Also I would like toddlers and babies to be able to sleep in tents. My real ones always did!

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Yes - babies and toddlers sleep in tents in my life too - I put up the tent in the garden for my grandchild one night and he thought it was the best thing yet (winter here, we will do it again in summer). So I would like such a mod as well!
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