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Default Warrior Cat Challange
I noticed that there isn't many Warrior Challenges out there so I decided to create my own. Enjoy ( Please note that this is my first challenge. I know it isn't perfect just yet )
Edit: I found an empty world! Its called Wolf Creek. You will have to place your lot and the whole map is your clan's territory! Place a lot into the map before you make your family

Here are the steps to get started:
1. Name the randomly generated Sim 'Twoleg ( Clan name )'
2. Create you leader and his mate
3. Create two apprentices and an ( optional ) Medicine cat
4. place a lot and move your sims in
5. Ctrl + Shift + C then type 'testingcheatsenabled true'
6. Ctrl + Shift + C then type 'familyfunds ( Clan Name ) 99,999,999
7. Build a basement and put a fridge, bed, etc. in it then teleport you human down
8. Create camp (Use the cheat 'Moveobjets on' to place bushes and things close together)
9. Have the cats pounce on each other till they get one point of hunting

1. Cats can't drink water to replenish their hunger
2. Queens and kits have food delivered to them
3. Queens, kits and elders eat first
4. Each cat ( besides queens, kits and elders ) must catch at least two pieces of prey before they can eat (Once your clan gets bigger change the amount of prey for each to a higher number)
5. Kits must stay inside the nursery until their aging bar is a half full
6. Queens may go back to their normal warrior duties when their kits become apprentices
7. Apprentices must take turns grooming the elders. If there aren't any apprentices then the warriors will do it
8. If you cat gets fleas, you can have them eat a rodent to get rid of their fleas (Shift click the moodlet that has Fleas)
9. Most importantly, Have fun! :D

A litter is born +20
An kit becomes an apprentice +5
An apprentice becomes a warrior +5
A warrior becomes an elder +2
Leader Becomes an Elder -1
An elder dies -5
Warrior becomes deputy +30
Deputy becomes leader +30
Cat drinks water -20

I have lost track of the points for my clan so I will start a new clan and post in the comments ^.^

Post how you clan is doing and you current points below you might get on the leaderboard, I'd love to see your clans ^.^

1. Kairsbugz 95 points
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please reply
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I will be sure to try this challenge, it sounds awesome! ^^ If I can figure out the saving screenshots to my computer and posting them online thing, too, i will post my status along with pictures
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Cherrystar and Elmshadow had a kit, a tom named Whisperkit +20
Cherrystar found a kittypet named Grace who became Poppypaw +5
Lilypaw and Acornpaw became warriors named Lilystream and Acornfall +10
Cherrystar found a rouge named Sun and Renamed her Spottedsun the med cat +5
Poppypaw became a warrior Poppyshine and was named Deputy (Starclans Request) +30
70 Points!

Leader: Cherrystar
Deputy: Poppyshine
Med-cat: Spottedsun
Whisperkit (Cherrystar and Elmshadow)
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Default Update
Lilystream and Acornfall had two kits named Pikekit and Rufflekit, both toms +20
A young kittypet named Hannah wandered onto the territory and was renamed Breezepaw and was apprenticed to Poppyshine +5
95 Points

Leader: Cherrystar
Deputy: Poppyshine
Med-cat: Spottedsun
Whisperkit (Cherrystar and Elmshadow)
Pikekit (Lilystream and Acornfall)
Rufflekit (Lilystream and Acornfall)
Breezepaw (Poppypaw)
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21st Mar 2016 at 7:30 PM
Default Pictures!
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1. Spottedsun being cute
2. Elmshadow doing some hunting
3. Poppyshine (Brown) and Breezepaw (red) doing some battle training
4. Cherrystar being adorable!
5. Lilystream (Adult) Rufflekit (Calico kit) and Whisperkit (Black and white kit) Hanging out
6. I really have no idea what Acornfall in doing...
7. Whisperkit (Right) and Rufflekit (Left) seem to be getting along
8. Pikekit doesn't seem to mind being left out
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