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Default is it possible? add music to holiday notification
hey everyone! so im finally venturing into the world of editing mods (personal use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to fit my own gameplay. the current project im working on is editing phaenoh's summer vacation winter days mod (absolute fave!) to be more pagan which is what i practice IRL and fits the needs of the nhood i primarily play.
while i have the text strings all set and working on getting it to recognize the 3rd seasonal quadrant (i play autumn, winter, autumn, spring and the mod recognizes the 2nd quadrant for "summer break" i dont dig that too much) instead.

i was thinking how rad it'd be to add music to the popups like in TS3. ex: spooky day notification plays a lil spooky track at the time of the notification.
i have a few sound clips in .mp4 and .mp3 format thatd work well for each of the sabbaths ive put into the mod! i just dont know if its possible since i dont think or recall if thats a thing in TS2 currently!!! so im asking if anyone knows if this is even a possibility or if i should scrap that idea and keep working on my sabbaths?

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It's possible, but it's not easy to get your own music into the game to be called by a BHAV (it's not like dropping the files into the music folder. - here's a tutorial to add sounds to the game, which is the first step. Then you'll have to edit the BHAVs. I'll take some screenshots of that for you later, if no one does it first.
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thank you so much! i will take a gander at this now jhfaskjfgs yay!!!

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